Bend to Redmond to Salem to Union Station to PDX to Clackamas

When it comes to transportation in central Oregon and Portland, Mt. Hood Teleporter has already set the bar of customer service and satisfaction very high. Since its inception, Mt. Hood Teleporter has continued to focus on excellence and now, it has become a brand synonymous with reliability. With our customer-focused, efficient and high-quality services, we have now become a trusted name in the transportation field. Satisfied customers are our ultimate motivators. We believe that any journey that takes place through a Mt. Hood Teleporter shuttle should be a pleasant and comfortable experience. Now that we have placed several smiles on the faces of our customers by providing reliable and efficient services, we are moving towards new territories. In our constant endeavor to make our customers’ transportation experience better and after successfully making travel convenient and enjoyable for them on our existing circuits, we are proud to announce our most recent route connecting Bend to Salem.

This route will cover the following major cities and stops:

(1) Bend

(2) Redmond

(3) Sisters

(4) Salem

(5) Portland

(6) Clackamas

Mt. Hood Teleporter wholeheartedly believes that adding this route to our shuttle services has only been possible because of the support of our customers. We thank you for placing your trust in us. It is our constant effort to stop at nothing but the best when it comes to providing high-quality transportation services. With Mt. Hood Teleporter as your chosen transportation provider, you can have a relaxing journey without worrying about being late or uncomfortable. Our shuttle services and networks will continue to become better, bigger and smoother in the future. With a dedicated team that values customer satisfaction the most, Mt. Hood Teleporter hopes to become the most-trusted transportation brand in the region. We aim to offer efficient and comfortable transportation experiences to our patrons. Our devoted team is constantly working towards making sure that our services exceed the expectations of our customers. Our priority is to ensure that all our customers reach their destinations on time and with comfort. Mt. Hood Teleporter strives to be a top-notch shuttle service provider who is the first choice for the transportation needs of our customers. We are always open to feedback and suggestions from our customers which will help us make their transportation experience better. With the addition of this route to our network of shuttle services, we hope to make your journeys more joyful and comfortable.

As always, we will continue to make customer satisfaction a priority while providing high-quality services. We are sure all our customers will agree when we say that Mt. Hood Teleporter is a name you can count upon for reliable and on-time transportation, all year round.


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